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Swim Lessons Save Lives

The Y has been a leader in providing instructional swimming for more than 100 years.

Our aquatic program at the Plattsburgh YMCA is dedicated to doing more than simply teaching children or adults swimming skills. Our passionate instruction instills a sense of self-confidence, a desire to overcome challenges, and a love for swimming and fitness. It’s important to assess your child’s skill level before signing up for swim lessons. When children start at the correct level, they have a chance to learn with their peers and avoid unnecessary frustration. Swimming should always be fun and safe, and we have groups for all different ages and skill types.


Fees are $55 for Members and $120 for Community Members.

Swim Testing

All swim participants ages 3+ must be swim tested to determine what swim level they are. They will be accessed at the end of each swim session they participate in. Swim tests are good for 6 months after their last assessment. To have a swim test done please call either of our front desk locations at 518-561-4290 or 518-536-7463 to schedule a time. The swim test takes less than 15 minutes.

Swim Testing Dates:  OPEN - Call to schedule appointment

Current Session (Spring I)

March 7 - April 30

Next Session (Spring II)

May 9 - July 2

Registration Dates (Spring II)

Members: Starts April 20th at 7:30am

Community: Starts April 27th at 7:30am

*Sample schedule posted below

*Call or come in to either of our Oval or Oak St locations to register

Sample Swim Lesson Schedule

Swim Levels

Lesson Selector
Lesson Selector
Toddler PreSchool Continuum.
Schoolage teen adult continuum
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