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Fitness Classes


Adult Basketball

  • Members ages 18+ can enjoy pick-up Basketball at our main Basketball Court.

Pick-up Adult Volleyball

  • Members ages 18+ can enjoy pick-up Volleyball at our main Basketball Court

Pick-up Adult Pickleball

  • Members ages 18+ can enjoy pick-up games of Pickleball at our main Basketball Court

Total Body Workout

  • Total Body Workout is a class tailored for our Active Older Adults or those new to group fitness classes! Fitness Instructor, Pam Spaulding will get you moving and keep you motivated! This class offers low-impact cardio that is geared to burn calories, improve endurance, and build muscle. Pam will also introduce stretching, balance, weight training, and flexibility.

H.I.I.T. with Justine Hamilton

  • Join Justine for hour-long sessions of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that will have you sweating your way to fitness!
  • You will be led through intervals of high and low-intensity aerobic activities designed to increase your metabolic rate. That means you will burn fat now and later, far after your workout! Each class consists of aerobic, resistance, and plyometric exercises that can be modified for each fitness level. While all the moves in this class can be modified, this class is designed for participants of at least intermediate experience.

YOGA with Cheley

  • Join Cheley as she guides you through the flow of Gentle Yoga.
  • This 60-minute yoga session will allow members to experience harmonious connections between the mind, body, and soul.
  • We strongly encourage the use of your own personal yoga mats & blankets. A limited supply will be available to use at the YMCA Welcome Center.